Pension concerns alleviated

stephen smith testimonial for redwood financial pension advice

Dear Nick,

I wanted to write you a note of thanks.

When we walked into your office a few weeks ago I had little or no idea where I stood with my multiple pensions and I was becoming increasingly concerned, but you took control and alleviated all my worries, you helped me to understand my position and you furnished me with all of the information I needed so that I could be confident everything was in order and my pensions were sorted out for me.

I would also like to add that in the process Penny and I have made 3 lovely new friends, you, Nicky and Susan, without whom this whole process would have been far more difficult.

Should you wish to post my comments on your website I would be more than happy for you to do so.

With my sincere thanks and best wishes,

Steve and Penny Smith

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